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Thetford Elementary School

Thetford, Vermont


Mary Wunderlich: Librarian and Technology Integrationist (Mon-Fri)

Kevin Anderson: IT Specialist/Systems Plus Contractor (Tuesdays)

TES Technology/Library Media Blog
Adopted by the Vermont State Board of Education November 27, 2017.

2 NEW LEGO Boost Kits and One EV3 Mindstorms Kit!

During 4th-6th grade recess periods, students have been assembling and programming robots in the library. Thank you to Argosy Foundation and The PwC Charitable Foundation for matching our local donors' contributions.

Having this project funded by friends, family, and charitable organizations, clearly shows a strong commitment to public education and hope for a better future to come. Thank you so much for supporting our students!

March Madness 2018

During Mud Season Madness, a Maker Class was offered in the library. In this class, students made robotic hands out of paper, parachute string, and straws. To begin their project, students first identified several essential parts of the hand: bones, joints, muscles, nerves, vessels and tendons which tie all of the parts together. They also learned about existing health technology like motorized wheelchairs, hearing aids, prostheses (artificial body parts), and artificial implants and discussed how future technologies may replace more and more of the human body. The students were challenged to assemble their robotic hands and test its construction by picking up and holding a ping pong ball.

Video of Robotic Hands Testing


Lance Vikaros, a member of the Scratch Team made this logo for scratch.

Scratch is a free programming language to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. Scratch was developed by a research team from MIT to teach young students about programming concepts and develop skills in multimedia communication. Projects can be shared on the web at

Anyone can download a free copy to use at:


I have uploaded students' Scratch program to our TES scratch site...Please take a look:

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