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Thetford Elementary School

Thetford, Vermont

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Turn in day for Meadow Farms will be Tuesday, Oct. 13th due to the holiday on Monday.  Thanks!


We’re BATTY for Box Tops! 


Between October 1st and October 23rd, bring cleanly cut box tops to your classroom for our GHOULISHLY GREAT Boxtops Classroom Contest!  AND classes that COUNT/place all of their box tops into LABELLED ZIPLOC  SANDWICH BAGS of 50 will get 100 extra points!  (Any boxtops remaining that don’t add up to 50 can be placed in a Ziploc baggies with the number written on the bag, i.e.  “32”, “16” etc) 


Box tops that are not cleanly cut along the dotted lines will not count for your classroom.  Expiration date must be visible and cannot have passed.


Winning classroom will have a special Halloween treat on Friday, October 30th!  Yum!


The Haunted Gardens PTO Halloween event will be held on Oct. 31st from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. More information coming out soon!


Click below for this year's TES school calendar:

(2015-2016) School Calendar

 Have you seen our TES Hand Washing Video ?


                     A Handy Chart for School Lunch

              Lunch                            $2.75 x 5 =  $13.75

              Breakfast                        $2.00 x 5 =  $10.00

              Snack Milk or juice           $0.50 x 5 =  $02.50

                                                   Weekly     = $26.25

































PO Box 182/2689 Route 113
Thetford, Vermont 05074
Ph: (802) 785-2426 fax: (802) 785-2645

About TES:

Thetford Elementary School (TES) currently serves 200 children in grades K-6. The staff of 52 includes experienced classroom teachers, as well as paraprofessionals and support staff. The program of studies is focused on a standards-based curriculum and includes place-based science and social-science units.  The town's children continue their secondary education at Thetford Academy (TA), the oldest private secondary school in Vermont.

TES Philosophy

Thetford Elementary School seeks to serve the town of Thetford by developing each child in our care to his/her fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally and physically. It is our purpose to give each child an excellent foundation in the basic academic areas while simultaneously encouraging inquisitiveness, the acceptance of responsibility, an understanding of self, an increasing awareness of the world around us, an appreciation of basic values, and the ability to formulate sound judgments.